Koratala_siva_NTR_30RRR is history now, and both stars of the film have a huge task of coming up with films that are on par with RRR, if not better.

Ram Charan has already moved on to Shankar’s film, which is almost 50% complete. He also announced another film yesterday in the direction of Buchi Babu Sana of Uppena fame, which is actually a smart choice.

On the other hand, NTR hasn’t even started shooting his next after RRR. It is still stuck in the pre-production stage due to multiple delays, because of Koratala Siva, who got stuck in settling his last disaster, Acharya’s losses for quite some time.

NTR fans feel that Ram Charan has a film that is 50% complete, and another one is announced recently, whereas NTR is still waiting to start his next. They feel that he should have scrapped the Koratala Siva project after Acharya’s debacle. They are also disappointed that instead of doing films, NTR is doing ads for brands like Licious, where he is asking people to eat chicken and mutton.

One of NTR’s fans wrote on social media, “RRR tarvata Oka cinema 50% finish cheskuni, rendo cinema announcement kuda icchesaadu…Manam matram Chepala koora thinandi chicken koora thinandi ani licious ad lu.”

Now Koratala is under double pressure to deliver a blockbuster film and also to complete it in fast mode so that NTR can catch up with the lost time that got wasted due to him.