Chota K Naidu Tamannah BhatiaThough Chota K Naidu happens to be one of the senior most directors of photography in the Telugu Film Industry, he learnt no lessons that his past behaviour with heroines taught him.

At the movie launch event of ‘Raju Gaari Gadhi 3’, he was seen holding hands with Tamannaah but not in an appropriate manner. He was literally caught pressing his hand tightly into her hand and not letting her hand go.

It looked really odd seeing him showing off his closeness to the actress. Surprisingly, the actresses seem to take his bold behavior easily. Previously, his odd kiss to Kajal Agarwal had created controversy and the senior DOP was trolled big time. But, no repentance from his side.

Maybe, the actresses just ignore his acts because they can’t afford to mess up things with a DOP who can make or break how a heroine can look on the screen. Sad thing!