Thunivu VarisuThe game is afoot. The clash between Vijay’s Varisu and Ajith’s Thunivu has begun. Yesterday, it was confirmed that Thunivu would be releasing on 11th January. Then the makers of Varisu also decided to prepone their film, and now Varisu is also releasing on the 11th January.

Vijay and Ajith fan wars are considered to be the most vicious and ugliest. Even when their films not clashed, the fan wars always took a disgusting turn. But now the films are clashing on the same date. It is sure that this time the fan wars will go the unimaginably filthy levels, much to the embarrassment of their idols.

Trade experts also feel that these last-minute date changes will have a big effect, especially in the US. Corporate Chains are not very accommodating to these shifts, which will make it very tough for distributors.

Many are suggesting that no celebrations must be allowed near the theaters on the 11th as they might lead to physical fights between the fans of both stars. Hope enough security is provided near the theaters playing Varisu and Thunivu.