Dookudu Sequel? Srinu Vaitla Opens UpToday marks the ten years of Superstar Mahesh Babu‘s Dookudu release. Fans across the Telugu States are celebrating it as a festival. Over 20 special shows are planned tonight and fans would want to celebrate it as if it is the release day.

Meanwhile, Dookudu director Srinu Vaitla has opened up about the plans of Dookudu Sequel. “It is not Dookudu Sequel. But I want to make a film with Superstar Mahesh Babu. I think I have a script that perfectly suits him. I will narrate to him and hopefully he will say okay,” he said.

“My next film is D&D. It is not the sequel to Dhee but will have the flavor of Dhee. A few characters of Dhee will also be seen. The shooting will begin in November and I am planning to finish it by January – February. I am very confident of the film,” he added.

Vaitla also adds that he is aware about the mistakes he committed and has rectified them. “After Dookudu, people’s expectations are on a different level on me and the comedy in my films. I will do films going by the trend in coming days. I have three scripts ready right now,” he tells.