Leaving aside Superstar Mahesh Babu’s unparalleled charisma and charm, the other things which got tremendous repeat value and audience appreciation in Dookudu were Brahmanandam and MS Narayana’s act. Especially the MS Narayana spoof act on popular films of that time got huge response and the actor was seen doing such spoofs again later in few other films.

Now it is being heard that a similar spoof segment would be shown in Aagadu as well. This time the spoofs will be reportedly done by Brahmanandam and films used will obviously be some recent big ones. Sources in the unit say that these spoofs have come out well and would get similar humongous response like Dookudu. We have also heard that MS Narayana might be doing his take on popular anchor Omkar, although nothing officially has been confirmed on this account. But if these bits of news do come out true one can surely expect comedy riots at cinemas all over for sure when Aagadu comes out as its none other than Srinu Vytla who handles them.