The release of Gauravam early next year will mark one more debut of a hero from Mega family. It is the debut of Allu Sirish, the younger brother of Allu Arjun. Unlike the debuts of other mega heroes, Sirish’s debut is rather conventional. He chose a director Radha Mohan, who is known for subtle stories. In a recent interview, the Allu scion had voiced his opinion regarding this decision, he said, “I always knew that I’d be acting someday. But after watching Bunny and Charan as heroes, I was a little scared… I realised the responsibility of the hero, especially in an industry like ours, is to carry the entire movie on his shoulder. I felt that I would like to play a character, but never a ‘hero'”.

He added that “I decided I’ll take up acting as a challenge, but not for stardom. I don’t want to be a big star like Charan or my brother.”