Don't Trust, Vijaya Deverakonda's Next Has Come out KickassThere are several rumours floating around on Vijay Deverakonda‘s delayed movie ‘Taxiwala’. When the team felt that it was necessary to clear the rumour that the movie is going for a direct digital release instead of theatrical release, it had rubbished the rumour.

Well, now it’s the director’s turn to give a clarity on the rumours that the makers weren’t satisfied with the output and hence had gone for reshooting several crucial shots. But, in a Facebook post, the director Rahul Sankrityan clarified that not even a single shot was reshot for the movie and the movie came out really kickass.

‘Taxiwala’ is delayed due to graphics work not for reshooting said the director. He also appealed to the audiences not to watch the leaked bits and pirated versions as the movie is made for a bigger experience on the big screen. The director even warned audiences not to watch and share the leaked portions and land oneself in trouble. Looks like, the rumours are so heavy that the director had to clarify things, very clearly.