Liger Vijay Devarakonda updatesVijay Deverakonda’s nonchalant manner has an air of intrigue that creates a tinge of curiosity among the youth to listen to his words and try to follow him as a youth icon. But, the Arjun Reddy’ actor thinks otherwise and considers him not an icon.

Talking about how much he learnt from life, Vijay Deverakonda says that he wants to share with people so that someone somewhere would listen to his words. But he also makes it very clear that it’s not his responsibility. ‘I don’t owe anyone anything,” said the star who also added. “I just do what I feel like.”

See, this is what makes him unpredictable and attractive for the youth. ‘Liger’ is one of those stories he felt that he wanted to do the story and also wondered from where did the idea come from. It’s his first pan-Indian movie and the Telugu audiences are eagerly waiting to see if Bollywood audiences embrace him as Telugus did.

Vijay came from a humble background and made his place in the most unpredictable industry. So, he knows the value of the journey of artists and what it takes to come far. So, he is associated with Beezer Vivid Shuffle (BVS) League (India’s biggest hip hop league) to promote young talent.