Don't Miss: Vakeel Saab RecreatedVakeel Saab was one the ambitious project for Dil Raju as first-time he collaborated with Pawan Kalyan. The film carried a huge buzz as it marked Powerstar’s re-entry after a period of three-years, however the film failed at the box-office.

Despite the tepid response for Vakeel Saab, it left Pawan fans into frenzy mode for some kick-ass stunts, courtroom scenes and Pawan’s heroic mannerisms. Now, Vakeel Saab has been re-created yet again. Remember those Nellore kids who re-created Sarileru Neekevvaru famous action block?

These kids are back in the limelight again. The popular action episode where Pawan is beating the goons black and blue has been re-created by the same children. The clip, over two-minute, is viral on social media and Pawan Kalyan fans are appreciating it. The clip has caught the attention of the netizens for its striking resemblance to film and authentic performance.

The clip is sure to leave you spellbound for the extraordinary efforts put in by the children and with Thaman’s BGM it further elevates. On the other side, the camera work is also impressive, including the slow-motion scenes among other things.