Asaram Bapu stated at a recent rally that ‘Nirbhaya’ was equally to blame for the recently happened rape incident and added, “Mistake is never from one side alone.” He seems to have set off a commotion and there have been vociferous objections against him throughout the country.

People all over India are criticizing against him and the famous southern actress Khushbhu says, “His comments are completely baseless. No woman can be blamed for a rape. Nirbhaya is not responsible for the fatal attack as the rape has been forced on her. There is absolutely no mistake from her side. He cannot call himself a Godman after uttering such a harsh comment.”

She further stated, “After making this statement, he had no guts to face the media. He just made this statement for sheer publicity. Nobody knew who he was before this controversy. He says that he has five crore followers. After his comment, I am sure everybody will stop following him. This is just not male chauvinism, this is something beyond that.”

According to the Controversial Godman, ‘Nirbhaya’ should have called those rapists as ‘brothers’ which would have prevented the attack. Khushbu was infuriated by his comment and said, “In Nirbhaya’s case, she has been brutally attacked. Coward men have shown they are physically stronger than a woman. There is no point in calling those heartless men as brothers. After reading his comment about the girl for whom the whole nation was praying, I came to know that people like Asaram do exist in this world.”