Don't blame my dad for my Telugu -Lakshmi  Actress Laxmi Manchu is once again back on the TV screen with her celebrity game show ‘Doosukeltha’ is gaining a lot of popularity. But regardless of her achievements, Lakshmi is still getting judged for her Telugu speaking skills which come with a distinct Americanised twang. People often blame Laxmi’s father Mohan Babu for her lack of Telugu skills which is something that has always irked Lakshmi. She accepts the fact that she is not as good an orator as her dad but hates the fact that she is getting snubbed when she is trying her best to speak in her mother tongue.

Lakshmi says she has gotten over her critics and seem not to care about them. But more than that, she has got much better at her Telugu speaking proficiency, “I don’t need to read my lines in English first, like before, and can hold my own in a conversation without any prompting,” said Lakshmi.