Donald Trump - KCR- Narendra Modi- Baiden - YS Jagan (1)The United States has scripted a silent Revolution defeating Donald Trump. It can be termed as an end to Loud-Mouth Politics and Polarization through Social Media and Religious Extremism. The kind of politics which we saw from Trump can be drawn parallel to that of the Telugu States and even the country as well.

We have seen Narendra Modi and KCR woo the masses with their hard-hitting speeches. Calling opponents names, igniting them on the basis of Religion, Region, and Pseudo-Patriotism, we have seen all of them working earlier. The Exit poll reports of NDA losing Bihar and TRS swimming against the tide in Dubbaka by-election should be the lesson.

People are looking beyond Loud-Mouth Politics and Polarization. People will not enjoy ‘Gatha Palakulu’ rhetoric when they are drowning in flash floods. Migrants will not forget the hardships of walking barefoot in an unplanned Lockdown with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ Slogans in Election Campaigns.

Trump’s loss also showcases another angle. Trump has derived his Strength from Social Media by effectively using Twitter. The Republican Party channelized its party and propaganda through social media. It worked in the last election but it is not the case this time.

That will also give a hope that Prashant Kishore-type of politics will not work forever. We have seen how social media manipulated the ground zero for Modi and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in 2019. Social media politics in India is more organized for people’s immediate understanding. But then, everything comes with an expiry date. There will be days when people value working politics more than anything else.