Dogged pursuit in airports to nab Young Hero The most unpopular ‘Beep Song’ has landed young actor Shimbu and top music director Anirudh. Both of them aren’t in the reach of the Chennai police and failed to appear before court. The situation has escalated to the extent of police alerting the main airports to nab the actor.

Presently Shimbu isn’t traceable even through his cell phone signals and hence the police had to resort to this dogged pursuit like as if he is a criminal. The outrageous lyrics of the beep song, had offensive words which are considered derogatory and branded as cuss words in Tamil.

Besides alerting the airports, the police also approached YouTube to find out the defaulters who had uploaded the link of the beep song online. It’s speculated that some of Anirudh’s or Shimbu’s friends might have uploaded the song without the duo’s knowledge.