Allu Arvind and raja mouli on piracyToday the entire Telugu film industry came together to show its stern support for the big movie releasing this Baahubali. It was a show of solidity towards the film and against piracy of that film. What the industry did surely appreciable but the question on everyone’s mind remains, why only Baahubali?

Piracy is a serious threat to all sorts of films, not just ‘the’ biggest budgeted film of all time. Admitted the risk is high here but so is the risk high all sort of levels, isn’t it? Now on one hand we see the makers going all out to curb the piracy but at the same time we see no response from them on how the movie tickets are sold at inflated prices all over causing inconvenience to average cinegoer. The way this comes across is people associated with the film are happy as long as money is recovered, it doesn’t matter if it is happening at the inconvenience of movie lover. This process makes the movie lover look like an expendable commodity.

A film like Baahubali, pride of not just Telugu film but entire Indian film industry will surely be watched by the people in cinemas. The audience support to such films has been proven time and again. Isn’t it time to show some courtesy to these audiences who make the big movies big?

This one sided affair of things be it piracy or prices or any other issues where the response is reserved for selected and muted for others is actually the reason why such menaces exist in the first place. Here’s hoping that this unity in stand is maintained on all other films going forward too.