Does numerology bring luck for actors?

Several actors across different industries have changed the spelling of the names to be successful in the industry. But isn’t it funny that how can a change in spelling could bring luck to anybody for that matter, let alone actors. However, Isha Chawla, who strongly feels other has changed her spelling and says that it has worked in her favour.

Isha has added an extra ‘I’ to her name and henceforth will be called Iisha Chawla for reasons unknown. But, she says that the change of name immediately resulted in her signing a new film opposite Allari Naresh. The film will be a remake of Tamil comedy ‘Kalakaluppu’. Since March this year after the debacle of ‘Mr. Pellikoduku’, she was not to be seen in any film. In fact, this happens to be her next film after a hiatus.

In the recent past several actors have changed spellings of the names. For instance, Poonam Kaur changed her name to Puunam Khaur but still hasn’t found success.