Theatres Social DistanceMass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s Krack has released last night after facing a lot of last-minute troubles. The movie is an instant hit with the masses and there is unanimous positive talk everywhere that indicates a big hit on cards. The 50% occupancy rule is flouted in many places.

Except for the Multiplexes and some A-class stations, the rule is not being followed. Some centers are selling 50% quota online as per the rules and the remaining quota is sold offline. Some of the exhibitors are selling 100% occupancy and are reporting 50% occupancy in the DCRs which means a loss to the distributors and the producers.

The Government is also losing Taxes. This rule will be further exploited in the festive season when the footfalls will be even higher. This is a dangerous situation from the Pandemic point of view but then, it is also dangerous even from the trade point of view.

If the Government can not enforce the rule, it is better 100% occupancy is allowed. This flouting will augur well as long as there are no more waves of COVID-19. If the situation gets out of hand, theaters will need to shoulder the blame and they should go back behind the key and lock.