Do You Know Me? Singer Sunitha Questions Swaroopanandendra SaraswatiNowadays, even godmen want to publicize themselves using the name of the cine celebrities. Swamy Swaroopananda turned out to be no different when he mentioned the likes of Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth among his visitors.

But, singer Sunitha wasn’t that happy for mentioning her name in an interaction. The godman took her name as one of his visitors. But, the singer didn’t like it and the video post she chanced upon. She slammed Swamy Swaroopananda for even mentioning her name.

In a post she said, “I didn’t know why he mentioned my name.” Well, that clearly indicates that the godman took her name quite randomly but didn’t realize that everyone wouldn’t be happy with that kind of random things.

The Swamiji wanted to boast off that he has both celebrities and commoners as his devotees. Ahem! He didn’t know Sunitha would lash out at him.