Do extreme promotions have any negative impact on the movie? The reason we ask this, the recent example of Tamannah’s starer ‘Entertainment’ team went overboard with their promotions but the movie fell flat at the box office. It is known fact that Bollywood film makers go extreme compared to Tollywood for promoting their films. We hear different valid opinions from the trade folks on promotion overkill. Some people say, Telugu cinema producers don’t need to spend a bomb on promotions since a good script speaks for itself. Point taken, but why do most film makers go lengths to promote their films and what about small films?

If the movie has a big star, audience will automatically flock to the theaters because of the star hero. But as for the small budget films, promotion is the need of hour and producer should atleast keep Rs 75 lakh to a Crore just for the promotion itself otherwise no one will know when the film is released. Despite all these, promotions can never guarantee a hit film at the box office but we can safely conclude a good script alone may not help in the world there is enough distraction with Internet, Newspapers and TV.