Controversies are a part of the life for those involved in the world of films. But unchecked controversies grow out to be big problems and affect both the career and reputation of those involved. Case in point is Poori Jagannath who filed a lawsuit against producers of Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu, for not getting paid his full remuneration. Later, both the parties settled the issue out of court. In another case, there is Prabhas starrer Rebel where the film production cost went way over the budget in the direction of Lawrence Raghavendra and even failed at the box office. This led to producers filing a case against Lawrence for going over the budget who himself place a counter complaint against the producers for selling the dubbing rights of the movie to other parties without informing him. The result was that the Producer Council asked Lawrence to pay a sum of 2.5 Crore rupees to producers of Rebel, J Baghavan and Pulla Rao, within thirty days or face an increase in the penalty amount.

Then there is the odd misunderstanding between producer Dil Raju and actor Prakash Raj was involved in the shooting for Dil Raju’s Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu a film that was taking too long to be produced. Meanwhile, Prakash Raj had gone ahead and produced and acted in an unusual film called Dhoni. When Prakash went to Raju to get permission for the release of his film, Raju did not seem to be in a welcoming mood. Prakash left the building in a huff and went off the grid for a week which could have meant another week of delay for Raju’s film. Later the two resolved their differences and reconciled.

On the other hand, Bellamkonda Suresh seem to be the king of controversies, having had lawsuits filed both by him and against him. Actor Ram had placed a complaint saying that Suresh had not paid him the full payment for Kandireega. Even the director of the film, Santosh Srinivas filed a suit against Bellamkonda saying that he had slapped him. And lastly, Bellamkonda himself filed a complaint against actress Samantha for not giving dates of the debut film of his son which was produced by Bellamkonda Suresh even after agreeing to do it! These issues were later resolved by the elders of the industry. Post your comment below and let us know do controversies have any effect on celebes careers or is it only the result of a film that matters.