Anupama Parameswaran DJ Tillu 2DJ Tillu, a supposedly small film, became a huge blockbuster thanks to the fresh and crazy character played by Siddhu Jonnnalagadda, and the music also worked in its favor. Hero’s character became so popular that the makers announced its sequel, Tillu Square.

But ever since the shoot of the sequel started, the makers were having issues with the heroine. Anupama Parameswaran was cast, but news came out that she walked out of the project due to some issues with the team.

Then Premam fame Madonna Sabastian was roped in, and she too walked out as she felt her role wasn’t getting proper attention.

But now Anupama Parameswaran is back and has joined the shoot of the film in Hyderabad along with Siddhu. Reportedly Anupama never walked out of the film.

The reports also say that she had some issues, which were taken care of. The stories of her walking out and Madonna being roped in were just baseless.

Mallik Ram, a debutante, is directing the sequel. Sithara Entertainment is producing the film on a much bigger scale than the first part.