DJ-Comparison-Right-or-Wrong-For-Naa-Peru-SuryaAllu Arjun has had a steady rise as a star. His hard work is continuing to earn him fans. What we are going to mention ahead is not actually a problem if Bunny and the team had ignored it, but the star himself is to be blamed for the situation he finds himself in.

With each new successive film, Allu Arjun has improved his opening power. His last movie Duvvada Jagannadham was the biggest opener. It would have all been alright had the comparison with another Mega hero Ram Charan not been brought around. Charan due to back to back failures was at his weakest. And a hype machine took over at that time and made it look like Bunny was the face of Mega.

However, everything is back to normal with one film. Rangasthalam that came earlier in the summer has put things into perspective that Allu Arjun also acknowledges.

Right now, based on the previews and content of Naa Peru Surya it doesn’t look like record-breaking sort of stuff. An opening on par with DJ would be excellent. Anything above it near to 20Cr mark would be a fantastic result.

In case NPS fails to open that well, given its subject, massive critical acclaim could cover the commercial underperformance. The problem for Allu Arjun would arise when the movie fails to achieve any of these two parameters. Let’s see what it has in store.