Divorce Virus: Spreading Fast Among CelebsTen years back, divorce was a big thing in India but not anymore. Marriages are breaking like a pack of cards and especially the manner in which Indian film celebs are divorcing their partners has shocked one and all.

Divorce culture became common news when Bollywood celebs like Hrithik Roshan, Arbaaz Khan, Farhan Akhtar, and Arjun Rampal divorced their wives back to back. Not only them but a number of Bollywood celebs have separated from their partners.

In such a time, our celebs in the south are not lagging behind as the divorce virus has also caught on big time here. It was Samantha and Chay Akkineni who shocked the world with their divorce. They were so much in love that no one imagined that they would separate in such a short time after their marriage. So many reasons came out but still, it is a mystery as to why Chay and Sam got separated.

The same case is with Dhanush as only a few days back, a video of him singing a romantic song for his wife went viral. Now, this news has come out and shocked everyone. There was absolutely no hint coming out unlike Sam and Chay’s which had news coming out.

Dhanush has been a happy family man and has been in no news of any extra-marital relationship apart from being in love with his wife Aishwarya. But the inevitable has happened and this has made headlines now.

If this was not enough, Chiranjeevi’s daughter, Sreeja has also separated from her husband Kalyan as per the news. She changed her surname from her Insta account today and gave a hint that she is also ready for separation.

When the Indian culture and marriage system is considered to be quite special all over the world, things have changed drastically as the youth and people in modern India are in no mood to stick to their relationships if things are not working out.

Divorces like these only make us think as to which celebrity is going to be next on the radar to announce his or her separation.