Divorce Issue: That Has Become A Curse For Samantha!Naga Chaitanya and Samantha have finally made their divorce official. The announcement on Saturday evening has triggered public scrutiny, social media discussions, and media debates about what may have happened and who is at fault for this fallout.

Usually when something of such sort happens, it is usually the girl that gets blamed. When a girl is highly successful, the blame becomes so easy. Our society is as such. Along with these reasons, Samantha has one more factor running against her and that is something not in her control.

It is the image of Naga Chaitanya. The actor, for various reasons, is someone who has very few anti-fans. Even other hero fans do not hate him. Everyone has a good opinion about him. That is really a surprise in an industry where hate is quite common. That feeling about Naga Chaitanya ensures that people easily suspect Samantha and blame her.

But then, since no one knows what happened between the couple, it is not fair to blame Samantha in this issue. While the hate is there, we also see so many fans of the actress supporting her in these difficult times and wishing her to come back strong.