Divorce: Aishwaryaa Recovered, Dhanush StrugglingDhanush and Aishwaryaa have announced their separation earlier this week. Their divorce has come as a shock to everyone because there is not even a hint about issues between them in the media. Since then, the issue has become a hot topic.

Interestingly, both of them were in Hyderabad after the announcement on two different work assignments. They even lived in the same hotel. People who have watched them closely say Aishwaryaa has recovered very quickly or at least appeared to have recovered.

She is seen normal, meeting friends and attending parties. In a complete contrast, Dhanush is all about work and is keeping himself away from the people. Even on the set, he is finishing the shot and keeping himself isolated. “His face is mostly blank,” they say.

While this is the word in Filmnagar, it is often difficult to come to such conclusions. Some people have the ability to hide pain behind a smile while it is not possible for many others.