Kantara-OTTKantara became one of the biggest hits of the year and an unprecedented blockbuster not just in the South but also in the North. It was hailed as a classic and once-in-a-lifetime experience by many who watched it in cinemas.

Now the film has been on OTT and the latest reports suggest that a sizable section of OTT audience isn’t mighty impressed with the film. A section of the audience is calling it overrated, an average one-time watch, except for the start and climax, there’s nothing much to rave about. So what went wrong?

Well, in Telugu also, Dulquer Salman’s Sitaramam was hugely loved by audiences in theatres. They found it poetic, charming, and visually stunning. But when the film was released on OTT, once again many failed to understand all the hype and hoopla around it. The same can be said about F3. While most of the family audience enjoyed the over the top comedy in the film in theaters, on OTT many felt it was pure cringe and wasn’t funny at all.

On the other hand, Nani’s Ante Sundaraniki couldn’t create any mark in theatres and the same film was well-received on the streaming platform. It has got its own mini fan base after its OTT premiere.

So, the makers of today must realize that the cinema-watching experience has ‘changed’ and they have to identify to which kind of audience their film caters. Not all theatrical blockbusters will get the same reaction on OTT. But, this is not a harmful trend at least for now.

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