10.00pm –Mitra was cornered by all the inmates in the house. Many wanted to talk with her and sort out the issues but she is showing no interest in the same. It resulted in many other discussions about her behaviour. On the whole, the house currently has 15 inmates.

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With this, we bring our non-stop live updates to an end. Let us see what’s in store for us in the third week.

9.45pm –Despite Shiva tried to convince Mithraaw, she is still thinking that no one is ready to support her. She is in an opinion that things will not be changed. The discussion is still continuing.

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9.30 pm –Siva sat down with Mitra separately to discuss about the issues between them. Mitra argued that their team did not consider her as the leader. Siva tried to express his thoughts, consoling her she is still in the game and not to think about anything in a big way. Both are having a discussion to sort out the issue.

9.15 pm –The inmates asked Bigg Boss to send scrubber to the house. RJ Chaitu, Anil, Bindu and Siva had a conversation about Mitra. They are clueless about the real behaviour of Mitra as they fail to understand how she will take criticism.

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9.00 pm –Siva asks Mitra if she is angry on him but Mitra denies the same saying, “forget about it.” Tejaswi once again consoles Mitra, asking her to be strong. The preparations for the dinner are underway. Akhil feels extremely hungry and shares the same with captain Anil. Sravanthi shares her Tejaswi about her conversation with Natraj master.

8.45 pm –After the eviction episode has come to an end, the housemates dispersed and started the cooking activities. Tejaswi consoled Mitra but she is still dull. Ashu Reddy, Sarayu, and Bindu recalled good memories with Sree Rapaka. Natraj Master spoke about his family with Sravanthi. Later in washroom, Mahesh Vitta consoled Mitra Sharma.

8.30 pm –According to Sree Rapaka,

Trust – Ashu Reddy, Tejaswi Madiwada, Bindu Madhavi, Akhil, RJ Chaitu

Do Not Trust – Mitra, Sravanthi, Ajay

Ariyana – Very Confident
Natraj Master – Emotional.
Sarayu – Honest
Hamida – Sweetheart
Anil – Wins the race
Siva – Smart

8.15 pm –Sree Rapaka has left the house. Mitra is picking up argument with others who told that she is having a negative attitude. Sree Rapaka has come on to the stage to interact with Nagarjuna and watched her journey.

8.00 pm –The next game is Wonder Girls and Thunder Boys. They are asked to play Dumb Charades. Wonder Girls got 3 points and Thunder Boys got 2 points.

7.45 pm –Hamida – Gave black heart to Sravanthi, Red heart to RJ Chaitu
Anil – Gave Red heart to Sravanthi, Black heart to
Mitra – Gave Black heart to RJ Chaitu, Gave Red heart to Mahesh
Sarayu – Gave Red heart to Mahesh, Black Red heart to Anil
Ajay – Gave black heart to Mahesh, Gave Red heart to Akhil
Akhil – Gave black heart to Bindu, Gave Red heart to Mitra

7.30 pm –Nagarjuna confirmed that Anil and Hamida are safe.

7.15 pm –Nagarjuna confirmed that Siva and Ariyana are safe.

7.00 pm –Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give flowers to everyone.

Bindu Madhavi – Gave Black heart to Mitra, Gave Red heart to Ajay
Siva – Gave Black heart to Natraj, Gave Red heart to Ashu Reddy
Tejaswi – Gave Black heart to Bindu, Gave Red heart to Mitra
Ariyana – Gave Red heart to Akhil, Gave Black heart to Mahesh
RJ Chaitu – Gave Red heart to Anil, Gave Black heart to Mitra
Natraj – Gave Black heart to Bindu Madhavi, Gave Red heart to Tejaswi
Sree Rapaka – Gave Red heart to Siva, Gave Black heart to Mitra
Ashu Reddy – Gave Red heart to Akhil, Gave Black heart to Siva
Mahesh Vitta – Gave Red heart to Siva, Gave Black heart to Natraj

6.15 pm –Nagarjuna asked Sravanthi about her issue with Sarayu. And then, he discussed about Siva writing his name along wih Bindu’s name on the pillow. After that, Nagarjuna confirmed that Ashu Reddy and Akhil is safe. Akhil also revealed that his father suffered a brain stroke and is worried about his family.

6.00 pm –Nagarjuna warned Mitra to defend herself. He told her that there is no active participation from her. Nagarjuna asks Mahesh about his performance in the task and why he was given the worst performer. Nagarjuna asks housemates whether Teju’s decision of declaring Anil as winner in captaincy task is right or wrong. Finally, Nag declared that Tejaswi’s decision is correct.

5.45 pm –Nagarjuna played the video of Siva talking in double meaning and asked the house for their judgement. Nagarjuna opened the doors and asked him to go out of the house. Siva apologized and the house asked Nag to give him a second chance.

5.30 pm –Nagarjuna is back as the host and started talking to the inmates. RJ Chaitu and Bindu spoke about them not eating food. Nagarjuna warned them to have food and gave punishment to Chaitu that he will have to go on fast for half a day.

5.15 pm –Day 8 episode is airing currently. As per the morning activity task, Shiva should turn a palm reader and entertain the audience by giving funny predictions about others.

5.00 pm –After the housemates entertained Varsha Bollamma and Raj Tarun, they decided to leave the house. Before going off, they announced that challengers and warriors are equal now.

4.30 pm –Standup Rahul pair Varsha Bollamma and Raj Tarun entered the house to promote their film ahead of the release next week. They are interacting with the housemates

4.15 pm –Finally, Challengers won the ‘Push It and Win It’ task and they have got good number of points. Akhil is the new captain of the house and he is extremely happy of the same. Anil has discussed with all the housemates to assign different roles to everyone. Ariyana has been chosen as th ration manager and Shiva will be the assistant. For the cooking team, Teju, Master, Ariyana, Hamida has been selected.

4.00 pm –After the new captain is confirmed, the housemates are asked to pick te luxury budget items. Ashu Reddy read the details of the luxury budget task and according to the same, two contestants will have to push the cart from both ends while team members from both teams will sit on the cart.

3.45 pm –Thaggede Le task is going to come to an end. Bigg Boss asked the housemates to pick six contestants, four from challengers who won Thaggede Le task and two from warriors to take part in the captaincy task. Rapaka and Hamida are eliminated from the game. After a while, Ariyana also was out of the game. Anil, Chaitu, and Shiva fought in the game but in the end, Tejaswini declared Anil as the captain. Anil will replace Tejaswini as the new captain from now.

3.30 pm –The heated arguments at the check post get intense. Both Mahesh and Anil had an argument as Mahesh thought Anil spit and his saliva has fallen on him. Anil clarified on he same while Bigg Boss gave a new consignment to the challengers who are struggling to have an upper hand over warriors.

3.15 pm –Tejaswi Madiwada is angry and she has expressed the same by kicking the chair. The challengers tried many attempts and somehow threw the idols into the garden area. There are multiple arguments taking place between the challengers and warriors at the checkpost.

3.00 pm -Shiva feeds Bindu as she did not eat the food because she got angry on Akhil and others. After some time, Bigg Boss gave an announcement that the second level of the Taggede Le task has started. As per the new instruction, Challengers and Warriors will shift roles. Challengers will become smugglers and the warriors will now become cops. Ariyana is declared as inspector.

2.45 pm –The first level of Thaggede Le is completed. Warriors who acted as smugglers completed all tasks and smuggled 30 idols. The details of the next level will be revealed soon.

2.30 pm –Arguments began between the two teams about smuggling the idols to the garden area. Hamida and Chaitu had an argument when he touched her things without notice. She disliked the same and mentioned that she’s hurt.

2.15 pm –Akhil, Ajay, and Sravanthi are playing the game as best friends in the house. However, the other night, Ajay was feeling headache and Akhil gave him a massage. Ajay then stole the idols which made Akhil upset who thought that Ajay was playing with his emotions. Later, they sorted out the issues between them.

2.00 pm –Natraj and Bindu had an argument about passing comments. Bindu felt that Natraj is passing comments on her back. Natraj, however, defended himself that he did not do it. Also, she is claiming that Natraj did not read the letter sent by Bigg Boss properly

1.45 pm –Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task in the house and it is called Thaggede Le. The warriors turned smugglers in the house and the challengers turned cops in the house. The cops will have to search the smugglers at the check post and prevent them from smuggling the idols. Initially, both teams wanted to discuss rules that they mutually agree upon but things did not work and everyone decided to play on their own.

1.30 pm –In Super Throw round, the players will have to throw twice. Tejaswi scored a goal and Anil failed to make a goal. Warriors won the game.

1.15 pm –A new basket ball game began in the show again between challengers and warriors. From challengers team, only Anil scored a goal. From team Warriors, only Natraj master scored a goal. It’s a tie in the end and Bigg Boss asked the housemates to play Super Throw. Anil and Tejaswi participated in the Super Throw round.

1.00 pm –Team warriors lost “Dont Drop The Cherry” task. Challengers and Warriors argued over the winner of the task. Warriors argued that challengers intentionally declared that warriors last the game.

12.45 pm –Tejaswi and Ashu Reddy are having a discussion about having a control over the thoughts of others. Tejaswi said that she is doing what she thinks is right for her. Ashu tells that it is painful as known people are doing all of this. Now, Bigg Boss asked the inmates to do a task called “Dont Drop The Cherry”

12.30 pm –Day 9 started and everyone is busy in doing their daily chores. As part of the daily morning activity, Bigg Boss gave a new task where one of the team members from challengers will ask questions to which the warriors will have to give wrong answers. In first round, Bindu and Sarayu took part in the task.

12.15 pm –Sravanthi nominated Sarayu, Natraj. Sree Rapaka nominated Ariyana, Sarayu. Anil nominated Sarayu, Hamida. Ajay nominated Sarayu, Mahesh. Bindu nominated Natraj, Sarayu. Mitra nominated Ashu, Hamida. Siva nominated Sarayu, Akhil. RJ Chaitu nominated Akhil and Ariyana. The final list of nominations is Sarayu, Akhil, Hamida, Anil Rathod, Mitra, Ariyana, Siva, Natraj Master, Sree Rapaka, Mahesh and Ashu Reddy.

12.00 pm –In the nominations, the warriors are asked to nominate one contestant from team challengers. The challengers are asked to nominate two people from team warriors. Sarayu, Akhil, and Natraj Master nominated Siva. Ashu Reddy and Hamida nominated Mitra. Tejaswi and Mahesh nominated Anil. Ariyana nominated Sree Rapaka.

11.45 pm –Siva did palm reading for Bindu, Akhil, Ashu, Ariyana, Natraj and a few other inmates. The entire task went on a funny mode. Later, Siva and Sarayu engaged in an argument but Tejaswi intervened and calmed them down. RJ Chaitu and Siva did a running commentary about the happenings in the house with regards to the nominations about to take place in the house. In no time, the nominations procedure began.

11.30 am –As part of the morning activity on 8th day, Siva turned Astrologer. By checking the palms of all the contestants, he is telling predictions on a funny note.

11.15 am –The Bigg Boss organizers are setting up the house and the last episode is being aired currently. The live telecast will be resumed any moment from now.

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