Disha Case Encounter Reaches Supreme Court The Encounter of the Accused in Disha Case has hogged the limelight across the nation. Now, the issue has reached the Supreme Court. A petition was filed in the Apex Court asking to register an FIR on the Police and investigate them.

The Petitioners informed the court that the Police did not follow the directions of Supreme Court given in 2014. On the other hand, a team of the National Human Rights Commission arrived in Hyderabad and visited the Spot in Chatanpally.

Telangana High Court, the other day, instructed the Police to preserve the bodies until 8 PM of December 9th. The Post-mortem of the bodies was completed the last night and the entire process was videographed. It has to be seen if the teams involved in the Encounter will be in trouble.

People across the nation are lauding this action of the Police which they call as ‘Instant Justice’. The Hashtag #HyderabadPolice is Trending across the Social Media since yesterday.

This Story done by a staffer is not in accordance with the law protecting the privacy of the victim. We sincerely apologise to the people named in this piece as well as to all our readers. We assure the readers that there is no malicious intent in our reporting and it is only a mistake on our part. adhers to all the laws governing the country. The Mistake has been rectified and with that, the persons responsible. Thank you.