Discussion: Kammula's 'Bizarre' ChoicesSekhar Kammula is synonymous with making films on a small budget with newcomers. But now he is getting ambitious with his new film starring Dhanush.

According to the latest updates, Sanjay Dutt is in talks to play the villain in the film. It is further reported that the actor has been offered a whopping Rs 10 crores for the role.

It is great news that Sekhar Kammula is making a big-budget pan-India film on a huge level. But the industry circles are wondering about his bizarre choices for the roles in the film.

They feel that the makers are taking a big risk by trusting Sekhar Kammula to handle such big stars and that too from other industries.

The film is touted to be a political thriller and its shooting is likely to commence in the first half of 2023. Reportedly, the film will be shot and released in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi simultaneously.