Balakrishna-Hit2-Telugu-Movie-ScreeningBalakrishna was always known to keep to himself in the past, unlike other heroes. In fact, there were many small-time actors and journalists who made comments that he is unapproachable, and scary to meet in person.

Despite his mass following, he was a man of few words and was not big on promoting himself on a personal level.

But of late, he has become totally accessible to one and all. On Sunday, he was spotted at the screening of Adivi Sesh and Nani’s HIT 2, much to their delight. In fact, Adivi Sesh mentioned how he jokingly asked Balayya to be a part of his promotion of Hit 2 and that his dream has come true.

Earlier, Balayya attended an event for Allu Sirish and one for Vishwak Sen. This has become a hot topic of discussion about how Balayya became so accessible.

This change in Balayya’s attitude can be attributed to the Unstoppable show in Aha. The super hit show has thrown open a side of Balakrishna that few knew or got to see. The huge success of Unstoppable has only proved how much he is loved by both TFI and people in general.

While Balayya is friends with Tollywood bigwigs, he came in touch with the younger and upcoming actors through Unstoppable.

Now, he has become the new darling of TFI, young and old. This is a refreshing change and it will bring him closer to even the younger generation of the audience.