Disco - shanthi on castisng couchThere has been a lot spoke and shown about the casting couch in the film industry all over. Especially, Telugu Industry suffered a mess with Sri Reddy‘s unusual protest that resulted in notion but controversy has shaken the media for over a month. While everyone had their point of view on the casting couch, late Sri Hari’s wife Disco Shanti has her version.

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The former actress says that the harassment is in every field not only the film industry like everyone said but says that it is not called casting couch when one goes over someone with consent. “They did not rape you, you threw yourself on them, then that is not casting couch,” she says.

Confirming that no one has ever dared to approach her like so, Disco Shanti says every actress should slap one who proposes such intentions. Asked why people like Sri Reddy made it an issue, she says it is only to get popularity and to do that media is the easiest way which has all spread deep into the rural areas too.

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