Disco-Raja-Makers-Super-Confident-of-Their-FilmMass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s Disco Raja is releasing on the 24th of this month as Republic Day Special. The USA Premieres of the movie will happen tomorrow. It looks like the makers are extremely confident of the film’s output and they are having Noon Premieres in the US.

Going by the Promotional Content released so far, the movie has the content appealing to the Overseas Audience and so, they are opting for the early premieres. The Ticket Prices were also kept modest following the strategy of Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo.

Disco Raja is the first release in Tollywood post the mayhem created by the Sankranthi Biggies at the Box Office. It has to be seen how the audience will receive the film at the Box Office. Ravi Teja, who is without a proper hit for a long time, has pinned high hopes on this movie to make a comeback to the winning ways.

Things will get really tough for him if the movie fails as the market is depleting for the actor with every failure.