Disaster Week for Lip-Locks & Likes!Tollywood saw two notable releases last weekend and they are Allu Sirish’s Urvasivo Rakshasivo and Santosh Sobhan’s Like Share Subscribe. The sad plight of these films at the box office is the point of discussion now.

The makers of Urvasivo Rakshasivo hoped the youth centric bold content will strike a chord with the youth and front row audience. But it failed to create desired pre release buzz.

Post its release, the film got positive reviews from several websites. But sadly for those involved, the film couldn’t pull the audience to theaters in numbers. The word of mouth, albeit a moderate one is of no help to the pop corn film in terms of box office returns. It is turning out to be a dud both domestically and also in the USA.

Like Share Subscribe is a non starter. It went nowhere at the box office right from day 1. It is tipped to be a film that was made for OTT and was given a forced theatrical release. The farcical story and lack of application were downers for the film right from opening show. The box office numbers are not even mention worthy.

As for the Allu Sirish starrer, the makers are still trying to breathe some life into its box office run. They held a success meet with Allu Arjun in attendance the other day. They are trying to keep the post release promotions going with more events. But will that yield results? We have to see.