Anushka Shetty Nishabdham‘Nshabdham’ couldn’t entertain the audiences and therefore, there was unanimous poor talk on the movie right from its first show on Amazon Prime. Not only the critics, but even audiences also expressed the same about the movie.

Nevertheless, the producer of the movie, Vivek Kuchibatla is planning to release the movie in theatres in January 2021 in limited theatres in India and also in a few countries like in the US, Japan and a few other countries.

The producer thinks that ‘Nishabdham’ is a global movie and appeal to global audiences because of the presence of American actors and technicians. But, critics and audiences didn’t see the presence of American actors as an added advantage for the movie.

Somehow, there weren’t many expectations on the movie prior to the release. There are many who think that the makers were lucky enough to choose the direct OTT release instead of waiting for a theatrical release.