Mahesh_Babu_Hyderabad_Airport_Spain_TripMahesh Babu has the habit of going on foreign holidays with his family every now and again. He had been going on multiple trips in the recent past. But his latest trip has left fans disappointed and here’s why.

Mahesh Babu recently resumed shooting for SSMB28 which has been blowing hot and cold since the start. The shoot finally resumed only very recently after a whole lot of delay.

But now, Mahesh has gone on a vacation again as he flew to Spain with his wife Namrata earlier today.

A section of Mahesh’s fans are now opining that their hero’s film finally resumed the shoot very recently and Mahesh has gone on a trip already. They’ve been hoping that their hero would work nonstop on SSMB28 to make up for a lost time but that isn’t to be.

This trip has become a hot topic on social media now but what needs to be noted is that Mahesh should be very well aware of his schedule. There’s no better planner than him in connection with his career.