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Disappointing Talk on Rana’s Social

Disappointing Talk on Rana Daggubati's SocialThe initial talk on Daggubati Rana‘s web series ‘Social’ is out and it is certainly disappointing. After the first two episodes of the web series, it is clear that Rana is neither the protagonist of the film nor the central character in the web series.

He is the producer of the web series and will also appear in the episodes as one of the characters. His presence in the web series seems to be more for the commercial viability as Rana’s celebrity status will help to grab more eyeballs. Well, one can’t be judgemental as there could be more of Rana in the upcoming episodes.

Coming to the story, the initial talk says that ‘Social’ has an interesting plot to tell. It is a plain thriller going by the initial reports. Talking about the dark side of the technology and the evils is anyway a contemporary issue that would connect to the audiences.

However, the reports expressed disappointment over the technical aspects of ‘Social’ like the direction, camera work etc. Let’s wait and see if ‘Social’ turns more interesting in the coming days.