Disappointed-Ravi-Teja-Walks-out-of-Success-MeetMorning movie’s release and by evening the producers plan for a success meet has become a trend in the Telugu Film Industry. The producers of Ravi Teja’s ‘Disco Raja‘ were no different and also did the same, today.

Though he was there at the success meet event, it looks like he didn’t talk to media. This gesture of the hero leaving an event without interacting with the media clearly shows that he was totally disappointed with the outcome.

The film was promoted as a sci-fi film but ended up as a routine boring film. Critics trashed the movie across the board. This movie was very crucial for Ravi Teja and his fans had pinned hopes on this movie, but the mass hero didn’t get any respite from his flop phase.

YouTube is filled with thumbnails speculating the disappointment levels of Ravi Teja in leaving the success meet without speaking anything. ‘Disco Raja’ is a disappointment on many levels as we didn’t expect this output from director Vi Anand.