Director's Wife's Shocking Comments On Ravi TejaIt is evident that all is not well between Ravi Teja and the director of Khiladi, Ramesh Varma. At Khiladi pre-release event, Ravi Teja said the only reason he greenlit Khiladi is because of the writer Srikanth Vissa who worked on the film. He added that Ramesh is lucky to have found such a producer and lead cast.

Now, the whole saga has taken a new turn as Ramesh Varma’s wife appears to have taken a sly dig at Ravi Teja. “Now understand why director Ajay Bhupathi called him a cheap star,” Ramesh Varma’s wife wrote in her Instagram post as she referred to Ajay Bhupathi’s social media post where he presumably mocked Ravi Teja a couple of years ago.

“Aratipandlu meeku baga vachu anukunta theeyadam. Director garu next time classis thiskondi RT daggara. Aratichetlu nariki echina saripoledu RT ki.” She added.

However, the authenticity of these social media posts can’t be verified at this point in time as these posts are from an unverfied Instagram handle, which is believed to be operated by Ramesh Varma’s wife Sweety Varma.

But if these posts are indeed from Ramesh Varma’s wife, they are disgraceful. A director and a hero might have hundred complications off screen but it is never right for a family member to jump and share such offensive posts, and that too on a star hero like Ravi Teja, or anyone for that matter.

This unsolicited social media hate does not help Ramesh Varma either. If anything, it tarnishes his image.