Director’s Irritating Public RomanceWhenever you think Ram Gopal Varma will not stop lower than this, he surprises you with something else all the time. The way he is out on your face all the time also irritates you in a big way.

Today, he has been posting a series of pictures having a gala time in a pub. He is seen enjoying with girls and not many are bothered about it. But now, he has put one picture where he is seen kissing a girl on her lips.

Things are even crazy when RGV captioned the image “A request to all my fans and haters to caption this and the best caption will get a prize of 1 lakh”. This tweet has left many disturbed and irritated.

How many times will RGV do this and shows himself as the man who does not care about anything? But there are a few who say that he should think about his age and also do not provoke others with his silly acts.

Some day, having a good time is fine but putting those images on Twitter and asking the audience to caption it shows how crazy RGV has become these days. He is in the news for his film Konda whose trailer is being trolled for its cheap making. Now, this new Tamasha of RGV has made things even more irritating.