Director’s health scares Rabhasa unit?

Rabhasa is the tentative title of the upcoming film of Jr NTR which has been undergoing its shooting in an on and off fashion for some time now. And the reason for this seems to be the heath of the director of the film Santosh Srinivas. There have been various reports on the ill heath of the director and as we know no fire without smoke. In fact the rumor become so loud that director Koratala Siva had to clarify that he isn’t temporarily directing the film.

Well there definitely seems to be some truth to it but may be not to the extent everyone is expecting to be. The director indeed seems to have had health issues but its believed to be not so serious that he can’t direct the film. Keeping his problems in mind the schedule too has been altered a bit and currently the songs are being shot instead of talkie portions. As soon as the director is perfectly fit the talkie would resume, sources say. If the director manages everything well in time, the film will release as planned in May or else it might get postponed to July.