Harish Shankar - BVS RaviDirector BVS Ravi posted an indirect quote on the Political scenario of Andhra Pradesh. “When you are given an Opportunity to enjoy the power for five years and if you start using it on people. They will start showing you the end,” BVS Ravi wrote (something on that lines).

Harish Shankar who is totally unrelated to the topic started pulling Ravi’s Leg with a comment and that triggered a big fight between the two. They are known to be close to each other and call each other as ‘Bava’. But the issue had led to both of them bashing each other.

We can see Harish Shankar invoking Unstoppable (BVS Ravi is associated with the show) and many see it as an attempt to cast aspirations (TDP man) on BVS. We have been seen Fiery exchange of words like Pirikithanam, Edhavathanam, Veshalesthunnav, Yedavaleka, etc.

BVS Ravi has invoked Bhavadeeyudu Bhagath Singh ensuring that PK fans joining the mess. Harish should not have tried to pull BVS’s leg the issue which is no way related to him. Hope better sense prevail on both sides and take the fight from Twitter to Whatsapp.