Director Maruthi, Director Maruthi Lies Vulgar Movies, Director Maruthi Skips Vulgar Movies, Director Maruthi Jump Vulgar Movies, Director Maruthi Bypass Vulgar Movies, Director Maruthi Escape Vulgar Movies“There is no place for romance in my films. I never have any vulgar scenes in my movies. I never focus my camera on heroine’s waist.” These are the words of director Maruthi during a recent Tv channel interview.

When the anchor further insisted why Maruthi has become a brand for dialogues with dual meaning, he immediately switched his gears and put the blame on the genre of the film. He says that he didn’t try to put double meaning dialogues in Bhale Bhale Magadivoy and Prema Katha Chitram. Maruthi said films like Bus Stop and Ee Rojullo belongs to a different genre and they require double meaning dialogues.

He further said he is like a supermarket that has different varieties and caters to all age groups.