Why-Accept-Only-3-RatingsDirector Vi Anand who has a good image for choosing different concepts has done the same thing for ‘Disco Raja‘ but didn’t live up to the expectations when it came to handling the fresh concept he had in his story.

Talking about the ratings that the critics give for films, the director has got to say something really sensible. Whenever critics give 3 and above ratings, makers of those films take only the ratings of the few websites and make posters.

They print posters and use the ratings for promoting their movies further. But, the same makers can’t accept that it is a private and personal opinion of a critic if he/she doesn’t like a movie and give lower ratings.

What Vi Anand said was true. Whenever a movie gets low ratings, reviewers are coming under severe criticism for expressing their opinion. As Naga Shaurya said in a recent interview, any review can’t kill a good movie or save a bad one.