Director Gunasekhar -OTT!Of late, OTT platforms have gained big importance in this COVID era and there are filmmakers who are keen to make content exclusively for OTT platforms as there seem to be more opportunities.

There had been a rumour in circulation that director Gunasekhar approached a digital platform for a web series but, his script was rejected and therefore, he has been re-working on the script.

The director thrashed the rumours clearing the airs expressing his disinterest in making content for OTT platforms. He had neither approached any OTT platform nor did they reject him. According to him, they were baseless rumours.

Currently, Gunasekhar has been working on the mythological drama ‘Hiranyakasipa’ with Rana playing the titular role. This is a big project and he would be concentrating on this project as it would involve a lot of pre-production work.