Director TejaAs we reported earlier, team Rama Banam took down the promo of a promotional interview featuring the main man of the film, Gopichand and dynamic director Teja. The promo had many controversial questions. But it was taken down hours later, an indication that Gopichand could’ve been hurt with the same.

Today, the full interview has finally been released by the team. Staggeringly enough, all the controversial questions that were seen in the promo were conveniently chopped off in the full interview.

This brings us to the point, then why did the team even invite Teja, a proven outspoken person who wears his heart on his sleeve? He is bound to ask striking questions, as seen in the promo. The team released the promo as well. But in the full interview that was released today, the controversy bit was chopped off.

Usually, the actors and core crew promoting the film give interviews to anchors. When there are incontinent questions here, they request the post-production team to remove it from the final cut. These are largely diplomatic interviews and are aimed at the film.

When team Rama Banam invited Teja for the interview, they should’ve known full well that he will ask straightforward questions. The same happened. Now, the team has insulted Teja by chopping off the straight questions he asked Gopichand. If they didn’t want this, they could’ve simply gone for a regular interview with a regular anchor.

Teja might not be in the limelight now, but he is still a crafty technician. Also, Gopichand got launched through Teja’s Jayam. And People Media Factory, who are producing Rama Banam are a reputed production house. This isn’t the way to treat a senior technician like Teja.

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