Director Teja Sees India on Top of Corona Positive World ListDirector’s Teja’s anger over people who are behaving irresponsibly because of their attitude will make us think if we were one among those. Teja detested the attitude of the people behaving as if everything and everyone is safe.

Teja described how we are behaving regarding taking preventive measures to stop coronavirus and how we must actually behave with caution imagining that everyone we meet has contracted the disease.

If people don’t leave this ‘All Is Well’ attitude, Teja sees our country on the top in the list of countries with highest number of corona positive cases. He is only pleading for caution and we need to give it a thought, seriously.

There is a wide-spread undercurrent fear that the community spread of coronavirus might be the next phase when lakhs of people would be affected in a country like India with a huge population. But, people seem to be acting recklessly. Hmmm!