Director SukumarCreative Director Sukumar has been minting Directors for Tollywood. We have seen quite a good number of Directors coming from Sukumar school and most of them are doing remarkable work. We have seen Kumari 21F working but Darshakudu failed.

And then, there is Buchibabu who made a smashing debut with Vaishnav Tej’s Uppena. We have seen Uppena collecting 50 Crore Share. There are now reports of a couple of more such young directors coming to wield megaphones for actors like Karthikeya and Rana Daggubati.

In a way, Sukumar is running a parallel system in Tollywood. On one side, he has been directing big films like Rangasthalam and Pushpa, and on another side, encouraging small films with his talented proteges. In both ways, he is infusing capital and content into Tollywood.

Sukumar is also helping in the scripts of these small films. One would wonder how he is managing things in this busy schedule!