Director sukumar Daughter Sukriti Veni BandreddiWhen director Sukumar’s daughter surprised him with a song on his birthday that he celebrated on 11th January, the doting father surprised her back opening up a new YouTube channel for his girl and releasing the same song on the channel.

Sukumar‘s little one is rocking the YouTUbe with 85,000 plus views on the digital platform. The girl’s voice and her sense of classical music are making everyone who listened to her song go gaga over her vocals at such a tender age.

Praises are showering on the bundle of talent for the way she has got an alluring voice and turning out to be as talented as her father though in a different field. Allu Arjun gave the link of this song on his Insta wall and therefore, the credit of introducing this new talent also goes to him.

By the way, the name of this young talent is Sukruti Veni Bandreddi. Like father like daughter. The girl has been learning classical music for two years and such a rendition comes only with practice and passion. What do you think, folks?