Director Sudheer Varma, Ranarangam, SharwanandSharwanand‘s next ‘Ranarangam’ is going to be different and it would be one of those small films competing this Independence Day. Sudheer Varma, the director of the film is trying to build hype on the movie based on Sharwa’s role in the movie.

No doubt, Sharwanand’s makeover for the two different timelines in the story has suited him the best. We have seen him in the trailer. The director is confident that Sharwa’s role in the action-thriller would be a different one for the audiences.

Playing a 25-year old and a 45-year old is new here according to Sudheer Varma but Sharwa has already done that in ‘Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju’ directed by Kranthi Madhav. However, the 2015 film was a soft love story and this upcoming movie would show Sharwa in action scenes.

Hope, Sudheer Varma will live up to the good buzz that was created by the virtue of the teaser and the screenplay driven story will prove to be a different one. Let’s wait and see on this Independence day.