Why director krish stood with folded hands next to BalakrishnaIs our Telugu Film Industry turning a hero dominant industry in which directors are like secondary nodding and folding hand while standing besides the stars. Why did director stand with folded hands next to Balayya? Does it indicate that directors are bending in front of stardom?

Krish says that he doesn’t know other directors, but he was standing with folded hands because that’s his habit when listening to someone who surprises and interests him with one’s wisdom and legacy. Balayya is carrying forward a great legacy and that earned him respect.

There would be no caste controversies around ‘Gouthamaputra Sathakarni’, Balayya’s 100th film says Krish. He compares it with ‘Baahubali’ in terms of using graphics and definitely needs a big budget to make a film of such scale with Balayya as his 100th film.