Director Srikanth Odela Dasara had its theatrical debut today. The film marks the coming together of Nani and debut director Srikanth Odela. Cut to now, Srikanth’s name is buzzing a lot.

Firstly, Nani needs to be appreciated for doing a film like Dasara with a debut director – in this case – Srikanth Odela. Usually, when an established hero like Nani sets out to do a film of this scale, he intends to do it with an established director.

However, Nani fully trusted in a newcomer, Srikanth, and did the film. Also, he gave his very best for the film.

The producer Sudhakar Cherukuri has also done a brilliant job. He trusted the debut director and spent a substantial amount of money on the project. He also gave the director a great technical crew by commissioning a top-grade principal crew.

While Srikanth might not have done a miraculously great job, he has surpassed the expectations that were on him, being a debut director. He did have the backing of A-grade cast and crew but gelling it all together and creating a rustic product with his vision is impressive.